Perfectly imperfect ceramics and more

Dreams. The heart dreams and the Universe answers. That is how one day we left all we knew in cold Eastern Europe and transplanting ourselves in the hot Mojave Desert. It is dust and heat and beauty and nature and space and sun and freedom to fulfill our dreams in creation. The desert and the rocks are ceramics in geologic time and our inspirational and joy. Dust Ceramics is a wife-husband collaboration. Joanna immigrated to the US on a genius art visa. She started her career as a painter and illustrator of magazines and book covers. Opening the first plant-based restaurant in Warsaw led to work as a food stylist. She stumbled into ceramics when she couldn’t find props for a photo session and the dream begins. Joanna inspired her husband to immerse in ceramics and he quit his office job in pursuit of the dream. Joanna and Artur live in the middle of nowhere outside of Joshua Tree with two dogs and two cats and a studio and the heat and the light and the space and the dream to create beautiful objects.